First Step to Reading a Crochet Pattern… ABBREVIATIONS!

For many years after I started learning to crochet the thought of following a written pattern terrified me. I would take one look at them and give up because it all looked like absolute gibberish. After many years of crocheting nothing but scarves, or anything that only required straight lines and basic skills, I decided enough was enough!

What nobody told me, was that learning to read a crochet pattern was quite simple. All I had to do was learn the abbreviations (gibberish), for the crochet terms and stitches used in these patterns. If this scenario sounds all too familiar KEEP READING. I’m going to be the person who tells you learning to read a crochet pattern is simple!

In my previous blog post I spoke about the differences between U.S terms and U.K terms. Below you will find two tables, one for each set of terms. Please refer ONLY to the table relevant to you. We want to minimise as much confusion as possible. 

When learning these terms I recommend starting with an easy pattern. You can find thousands of free patterns online, simply by googling ‘free easy crochet patterns’. Most patterns will state the skill level required at the top of the pattern or before you download.



Now as always, practice makes perfect. If you don’t think you can memorise all these abbreviations straight up don’t stress! Simply screen shot or save the table for easy reference when you’re tackling your first pattern. I guarantee you’ll have it down pat in no time!

Happy crocheting!

Kate x


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